Green Alliance Challenge 8

Hey teams!

This week’s green challenge is to look for GreenGuard or Energy Star certified products. Seeing GreenGuard’s label ensures that the product you are purchasing has minimal affect on the air in its surroundings. Purchasing products that are not GreenGuard certified can lead to harmful chemicals being released in to the air in your home and inhaling these chemicals can cause many health problems. GreenGuard certifies anything from household paints to furniture and baby supplies.

Fun (or not) fact: If you purchase something new and can smell “new-car-smell”, that is a sure sign that chemicals are being released from the item. Air them outside for a while if  at all possible.

Also, thanks so much for all the support. We had an awesome time at the Washington DC Regional this weekend and can’t wait to see everyone in St. Louis! Check out our Facebook page for more updates.