Post-BizCon Excitement

Hello from Team 2415!

We just wanted to thank all of the teams that came out to BizCon yesterday! It was so much fun for us to be able to present to other FIRST teams and spread the knowledge that we’ve picked up over our seven years as a team. Special shout-out to FRC Teams 1261 and 2974 for their GREAT presentations yesterday!

Even though BizCon is over, there’s still more to look out for this season. The WiredCats would like to invite all FRC Teams to fill out these two forms and apply for some time to work with us. Firstly, we’re opening up our workshop on Saturdays to teams who apply in the “Workshop Visitation Form” below. Secondly, to any teams who can either reach Westminster or contact us using Skype, we invite you to fill out the Business Consulting Form and set up a time to work with us on your business submissions this season.

Workshop Visitation Form:

Business Consulting Form:

Good luck, and go teams!