Hello everyone!
In week 4, the WiredCats accomplished many things. The drive train was completed, and we’re making excellent progress on our robot’s elevator Currently, the focus is on working out the kinks of the suspension system. Our strafe modules are working well and the intake will be mounted soon. The business team is touching up our SWOT analysis and making more edits to the business plan and award submissions. 
Live long and prosper,
Team 2415

Week 3 Update

Greetings Teams!

Week 3 has been busy for the WiredCats. The build team has been prototyping like crazy and figuring what works and what doesn’t. Everyone has been working together on new ideas and solutions so that each day we get closer to the final robot design. Also, transmission plates have been cut, electronics are being mounted to the drivetrain, and our drivers are getting ready to practice driving a version of the drivetrain. Business team is continuing to work hard on Chairman’s and KPCB submissions. In addition to working on the robot, the team went out this weekend and planted with Trees Atlanta. We had a great time!

Good luck to all teams, and have a great week!

Week 1 Update

Hello, Teams!

Week 1 has been a week full of excitement for team 2415. As we are the Green Team, we are psyched that the challenge is related to recycling. The build team has made great progress on prototyping and CAD design, and the business team has been hard at work on editing the business plan and brainstorming ideas for various videos. Next week we aim to finalize our CAD design and have our drive train fabricated.

Good luck, and go teams!

Off Season Fun!

As the WiredCats are getting geared up for GRITS, we thought we’d give everyone an update about our offseason…

We’ve had a HUGE number of freshmen sign up for the team this year and we can’t wait to get started with them in their training modules the week after GRITS. We took a group of new students to the SHRIMP competition at Destination Einstein, and they got the chance to drive the robot and see what robotics competitions will be like this year. We can’t wait to introduce them to all the other Georgia teams at GRITS and meet other new students.

Good luck getting ready for GRITS and we’ll see you soon!IMG_20140906_141251-SMILE

Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day everyone!

The WiredCats hope you’ve been thinking about conserving energy and other natural resources today (and every day). If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Mother Earth today or in the future, you should check out our Adopt-a-Tree program. We’ll be passing out tree saplings at the International Championships in St. Louis this week, so we encourage you to come get (and plant) a tree and help save the environment! Also, check out our Green Alliance and Green Alliance Challenges for more fun ways to think green on Earth Day and every day!

See you in St. Louis!

Peachtree Regional!

We had an awesome time at our home regional this past weekend! Our robot finished 11th after qualification matches, we won the Entrepreneurship Award, and we had a Dean’s List Finalist! We want to say a hug thank you to all of the parents, teachers, sponsors, mentored FLL teams, and family friends that came out to support our team, without you guys, none of our work would be possible. Thank you to everyone in advance for planting their trees and joining the Green Alliance! We’ll see you all in St. Louis!1526785_559623607468963_217292034_n10012666_559623640802293_1253206241_o1966342_559623727468951_1239987148_o

Dallas Recap

Hey everyone!

This weekend, we competed in the Dallas Regional. Through many days of hard work, little sleep, and deep v-neck t-shirts, we came away with a great robot and the Engineering Inspiration Award. We loved getting to meet new teams and seeing everyone do so well! We’re so proud of our performance and we can’t wait to keep improving at the Peachtree Regional and at the International Championships. We can’t wait to see our local teams there and we’d love to see our parents and fans out there cheering everyone on!

DSC_0261 (1)

Good luck and go teams!

Build Season: In Review

Hey, everyone!

Well, that’s it for build season. The essays are in, the robot is bagged, and the Girl Scout Cookies have been devoured. This was a great build season for Team 2415, and we got to have so much fun designing and building this year’s robot. We can’t wait until competitions, where we’ll be able to trade ideas with other teams, show off our robot, and get to know each other and the FIRST community that much better. Between now and our first regional, the Dallas Regional from March 13-15, we’ll be using our practice robot for driver training, and we’ll hopefully get a chance to work with other teams in-state to simulate a match at competition.

Here’s what our bagged robot looks like. We’ll keep the details a surprise. 😉



See you at competition!

Week 4 Wrap-up

Hello, teams!

As you’re probably aware, this past week has brought on one of Atlanta’s biggest snowstormsso we’ve been out of the shop for a couple of days. It feels great to be back at work! Did this stop our team members? No way! Hard-working team members have been doing things at home – finalizing our scouting sheets, completing our business materials, and even making this 6:1 catapult model!


Do we have the best team ever? We think so.

Post-BizCon Excitement

Hello from Team 2415!

We just wanted to thank all of the teams that came out to BizCon yesterday! It was so much fun for us to be able to present to other FIRST teams and spread the knowledge that we’ve picked up over our seven years as a team. Special shout-out to FRC Teams 1261 and 2974 for their GREAT presentations yesterday!

Even though BizCon is over, there’s still more to look out for this season. The WiredCats would like to invite all FRC Teams to fill out these two forms and apply for some time to work with us. Firstly, we’re opening up our workshop on Saturdays to teams who apply in the “Workshop Visitation Form” below. Secondly, to any teams who can either reach Westminster or contact us using Skype, we invite you to fill out the Business Consulting Form and set up a time to work with us on your business submissions this season.

Workshop Visitation Form: http://bit.ly/1dNNNri

Business Consulting Form: http://bit.ly/1mqE0GT

Good luck, and go teams!