2015’s FRC competition is called Recycle Rush, and is played on a 27′ x 54′ field with two alliances of three robots, the red and blue alliances. As the Green Team, we are especially excited about this year’s theme.

Recycle Rush involves the manipulation plastic totes, plastic recycling bins, and pool noodles, called ‘litter,’ in order to score points. The game begins with a 15 second autonomous period, during which robots follow preprogramed instructions to score points by stacking yellow totes in the auto zone. Robots may also obtain grey totes and green recycling bins during this period. During the teleoperated period, drivers score points by stacking plastic totes, recycling bins, and pool noodles on platforms. Totes are stacked first, then recycling bins, then ‘litter.’ The game pieces may only be scored in this order, and number of points awarded increases with each new type of game piece added a stack. Points may also be earned by placing ‘litter’ in the ‘landfill zone.’ Points are added to the opposing alliance’s total score for any litter not in one of the two possible scoring positions, either inside of a stacked recycling bin or in the landfill zone. Much like in the 2012 FRC game, Rebound Rumble, extra points are awarded to both alliances for coopertition, which in this case means stacking four yellow totes on the platform in the center of the field.

Unlike previous years, alliances will remain on their own side of the field for the duration of the match. Because red and blue alliances are not in direct competition, no winner will be declared at the end of each match. Rather, teams will be ranked at the end of qualification rounds based on total number of points earned in all matches.