2013’s FRC competition is called Ultimate Ascent. Played on a 27′ x 54′ field with 2 alliances of 3 robots, the red and blue alliance.2013 game field

These teams operate their robots from outside of the field as they attempt to score white discs (frisbees) into the four scoring goals on the opposite side of the field. These goals are located at three different heights and goals scored in them are worth different amounts of points according to their height. In addition to these goals, in the middle of the field there are two large pyramids. Atop these pyramids are scoring goals. Colored discs scored in these goals are worth more points than discs scored in the other goals. These pyramids are not just scoring locations, they also are meant to be climbed by the robots. At the end of the game, points are given to teams based on how high their robot is able to climb up this pyramid using the three rungs. The higher your robot gets, the more points your alliance will receive.

More detailed information about this year’s game can be found here.

Season Accomplishments

The 2013 FRC game, “Ultimate Ascent” challenged our team to collect and score Frisbee discs in goals of variable heights, and to climb 10ft pyramids in order to score endgame points. The WiredCats began their season once again at their home regional, Peachtree, where they emerged from the qualification rounds ranked 5th overall. After being invited to join the second-seeded alliance with FIRST teams 1261 and 1414, the WiredCats were defeated in the quarterfinal round, having experienced technical difficulties just prior to the elimination rounds.

Despite these difficulties, the WiredCats saw victory at the Peachtree Regional, qualifying for International Championships by winning the Engineering Inspiration Award.

The WiredCats then traveled to the Washington DC to compete once again on the regional level. At the DC regional, they were ranked seventh after qualifications and invited to join the second alliance with FIRST teams 116 and 4466. Scoring higher than any other single team at the regional, the WiredCats progressed to the final with their alliance, losing after experiencing irresolvable cRio difficulties that even the present FIRST officials could not comprehend. The WiredCats finished as regional finalists, and were fortunately able to earn their hardworking alliance partners wildcard bids to International Championships.

At Championships in St. Louis the WiredCats were the only undefeated team in the Archimedes division, securing their spot as the first ranked team. They invited FIRST teams 987 and 2959 to join the first alliance and finished as Archimedes Division Finalists, a record finish for both our team and GeorgiaFIRST as a whole. The WiredCats are heartened by the upward trajectory of their Championships success and hope to continue to both improve our success and encourage improved success in all teams in our southeast region.