This year, The WiredCats created FIRSTcast, a podcast series currently hosted on SoundCloud. With these podcasts, Team 2415 aims to share advice and information helpful to  both rookie and veteran FRC teams. Each episode in the series has a unique topic ranging from team communication to surviving competitions. The series is beneficial to STEM enthusiasts outside the immediate FRC community as well, because many of the episodes contain guidance applicable to real-world situations.



The WiredCats’ debut episode discusses the topic of team communication – specifically, communicating through a messaging service called Slack. This website-app combo eases the hassle that tends to come with sending team-wide messages. It allows the user to create multiple organized conversations tailored to various modules. In the episode, The WiredCats discuss the pros and cons of this convenient networking site. Additionally, several other teams were invited onto the show to discuss their own teams’ experiences with Slack.

Featured Guests:

Team 694

Team 2399

Team 3966

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The Fighting Unicorns also use Slack


The second episode, “Surviving Competitions,” covers FRC competition-related topics including organization, items to bring, and more. This episode features a roundtable discussion between veteran and rookie team members of The WiredCats. The teammates discuss personal stories, such as the importance of using deodorant or fixing emergency situations related to the robot.

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