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Sponsors of FIRST Team 2415 The WiredCats provide the monetary and material aid that has made our team what it is today. We have reached a higher level of success with their help than we ever would have been able to on our own. We thank our sponsors for all of their support and for understanding just how important STEM, FIRST, and robotics is in today’s world.

In particular, the WiredCats would like to thank our sponsor Underwriters Laboratories – AQS/GreenGuard, our longest standing sponsor, for providing us with monetary support in addition to moral support and advice on business operations. We’d also like to thank GE for our recent grant and Unboundary for helping us to create this website, and covering all of our rather demanding printing needs.

For companies, organizations, or individuals interested in sponsoring our team and our efforts either monetarily, by providing materials or tools, or in any other way, please feel free to take a look at this sponsor letter or contact us at