Welcome, interested or current WiredCats members! If you are a current member of the team, please sign in on the member resources page to access the schedule. Also, be sure to check the event calendar  for upcoming competitions, outreach events, and other important information.


If you are interested in and committed to being an active member of the WiredCats, we request your presence during off-season training (unless exempt for scheduling reasons) to participate in our training modules and complete required safety training. During build season, which starts January 5th and continues for the next six weeks, you will also be asked to participate at least twice a week. Additionally, we will be holding outreach projects and on-campus service projects throughout the year, and we suggested that you attend these if possible. We will have a select number of students on our competition team, so please keep in mind that your ability to attend out-of-state competitions relies on your willingness to complete these basic requirements.

Thank you!