In an effort to increase our team’s overall sustainablity, the WiredCats created interactive training modules to improve the expertise of our new and returning team members in safety training as well as those areas of the build process we deemed essential to a successful FRC season. Modules are available in the following areas: Robot Design and CAD, Code (C++), Electronics/Pneumatics, Machining, Fabrication, Scouting, and Business Outreach. Suggestions on how to implement your program can be found in the introduction.

It is our hope that the training modules will achieve the goals of helping newcomers to the FIRST robotics program discover which sub-team they are best suited for and ensure that your team will eliminate knowledge gaps, thus continuing to succeed for years to come. It is our hope that sharing these modules with other teams will allow them to increase the quality of their off-season training, and the depth of their programs, and the knowledge of the FIRST community as a whole.

Downloads of the complete module programs can be found on sub-pages, found in the drop down menu above:

Thank you for using our program, and we hope it aids your team in increasing sustainability and expanding overal knowledge!

If you or your team have questions about the training modules, the implementation thereof, or anything else, feel free to contact us through the tab above, on our facebook page, or at Additionally, if you’ve implemented these modules on your team, we’d love to hear about your experience!