Teams aided by the WiredCats generally progress through a mentoring cycle. Initial contact stems from various outreach events, ranging from Inspira and Odyssey summer programs to interested teachers the team encounters at local libraries. Once Team 2415 gets the new team started, the new students benefit from a minimum of two Skype or face-to-face mentoring sessions. Our hope is that mentored teams will go on to become successful teams in their own right, and they will go on to mentor other FLL and FRC teams, thus expanding FIRST ideas.

We also utilize our Skype mentoring program to aid us in overcoming geographical barriers, such as those between our school and our sister school Mt. Kenya Academy in Nyeri, Kenya where we mentor several FLL teams.

If your team is interested in signing up for Skype mentoring sessions from the WiredCats, simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you via email.